Camera Gear & Equipment

Now before we go any further, I want to make it clear and not to put people off who are starting off or those who want to start their own YouTube channel. You do not need to have this advanced equipment and gear. All you need is a video camera. Most cell phones these days can take pretty good photo’s and video. There are many successful youtubers out there that have used their iPhones and iPads, Samsung Galaxies etc as their camera. So you do not need to spend much money on camera gear at all.

From my experience people will watch your video if you have a good story to tell. Once you get into it and you start making a few videos, if decide to continue and you really enjoy doing it then you may consider upgrades. But if you decide it is not for you and you don’t continue then you haven’t wasted any money on gear.

However if you do, then maybe upgrade your camera. Good audio is more important than good lighting or video. People will watch a video with poor lighting but has reasonably good audio. However people are more likely to click away if you have good lighting and even a good story but have very poor audio.

The reason I have some of this equipment is because I do a few more things with video other than just videoing of my woodwork. Also because of my situation with my basement, I have a few extra bits of kit that really help me and my situation. But to the average youtuber this is simply over kill.

Camera’s used for this site and Youtube.

Nikon D5500 DSLR

Rode VideoMic Shot gun mic with Deadcat

    • Shot gun mic is a highly directional condenser microphone. The Deadcat is helps eliminate most wind noise on the microphone.
  • Apature VS-2 7″ Monitor.

    • Preview monitor. I bought the monitor to help me see and focus the camera better than using the built in view finder but it has a few other nice features that also help.
  • Kamerar QV-1 Professional LCD View Finder

    • When filming out side sometimes even with the sun screen on the monitor it still hard to see so the view finder attachment works wonders.
  • Falcon VRG-S-1 stable cam rail system with gearless mini follow focus.

    • This allows me or someone else to be fully mobile and still get a pretty steady shot as it sits on your shoulder.
  • Falcon Mini Follow Focus.
  • Video Cage GearBox GB-2 P&C

    • The cage allows me to mount the monitor, mic and recorder even a extra light etc to the cage and still be moblie. I can connect it to the shoulder rig rail system allowing the full setup to be mobile.
  • Kamerar Matte Box with Donut.

    • A matte box helps stop any light wash and lens flares from side light or top etc. My matte box allows a single 4×4 non-rotating filter. It comes with what is known as a donuts which attaches from behind the matte box and over the lens to block any unwanted back light. This can also attach to the rail system and become mobile.
  • Cullmann Concept One 628M OH4.5V TriPod
    • Semi professional tripod that has a carry capacity of 7kg (15lbs). I can quickly take the centre pole out and use it as a mono pod and flip the rig to get under shots.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

  • Knog Qudos Action Light Pack.
    • Rarely used now since upgrading of shop lighting
  • Feiyu-Tech G4 Hand Held Gimbal
    • Stablises the gopro. I rarely use this in my woodworking videos (actualy to be honest I don’t think I have used in my woodworking videos)
  • GoPro Frame Mount
    • The frame mount takes the GoPro out of its protective case and allows the microphone to pic up the audio a lot clearer.
  • Various mounts and fittings
  • Jaws Flex Grip
  • MeFoto BackPacker TriPod

Audio & Microphones

  • Zoom H4N Digital Multitrack Recorder
    • This records the audio separately from the camera. We have four imports and monitor capabilities.
  • Rode VideoMic shotgun mic (with a Dead Cat Antiwind cover & used with the Nikon)
    • Shot gun mic is a highly directional condenser microphone.
  • I also use the built in Microphone on the GoPro
  • Various condenser microphones and various uni direction microphones and cables.


  • I don’t use any professional lighting equipment in my shop although this may change in time. I do however have three or four double LED Flood Lamps that are strategically placed that brighten the entire shop. I can angle the each light as required.
  • For the GoPro I sometimes use the Knog Qudos Action Light Pack if needed but since the flood lights I have not really required using this as much.


Wish List

  • Kamerar Follow Focus
  • Various Lens (as soon as I decide which is best suited for me)
  • Transmitter Reciever for audio.
  • Dolly for tripod – Soon
  • Slider – Soon
  • Jibb Crane – Soon
  • Back drops including Green screen

Projects for Wacky Wood Works

  • Clapper Board.
  • Keyboard and Midi Controller holder.
  • Boom Mic holder.


For my video editing I use2 editors. My go to to editor is now DaVinci Resolve 18.5 since HitFilm wend down the subscription model

  • Video Editing
  • Music
    • FL Studio 20 Signature to create and write produce and my own music. Click here to for my music
      • Gillizion plugin’s both Commercial & Free.

    Click here to see a list of software I use