Mitre Saw Stand Shelves

For those that don’t have the space for a full on mitre saw station like many you see on YouTube example Jay Bates Mite station. But you are still wanting a little bit of extra storage. There are many smaller option of a mitre saw stand. But not every one has the space or flat floor and have to use an actual mitre saw stand. This week I add some custom shelves to my mitre saw stand for extra storage and since I have no room for a fancy mitre saw station I thought this the next best thing.

I was lucky that my stand has a t-track underneath most stands don’t and are usually just a couple of tube rails. However you could probably make a wooden clamp over the tube rails to attach shelves to… Once you work out a way to mount your shelves the rest is easy.

Adding shelves to the actual stand means it is not taking up any extra room in the workshop but giving the extra storage. I will possibly even add more as budget and time allows.

Custom shelves added to my mitre saw stand.