Aussie Winter 2021 Maker Challenge

It’s that time of the year again! Introducing the Aussie Winter Maker Challenge – #WoodJigs21

Here is what you need to know: To join the challenge you need to produce a video of the making of a Workshop Jig. The video must be published between July 7th 2021, and August 29th 2021 with the hashtag in the title.

The jig can be anything that helps you complete a specific task, the more creative the better, but anything you make is fine if it helps get a job done. It doesn’t have to be made from wood or even for wood and can be a permanent shop fixture or designed for one demanding job, go nuts!

Entries from all over the world are welcome, however, the Carbatec and Kreg Australia prizes are only valid for Oz and NZ sorry.

To become a Judge or Donate prizes please contact me on or on my socials (links below). Current Prizes: All winners will get some Fixit Fingers stickers and a Pathtag Merch.

I’ll be splitting the prizes amongst the best entries.

  1. AUD$100 @Carbatec Gift Voucher
  2. A Kreg Australia Crosscut Station
  3. 2x @Dainer Made “Check Squares”
  4. My old used and abused Kreg Square-Cut as the booby prize! 😀

#Challenge #Competition