Levels of EDC

Yes there are different levels of EDC and I have have different levels and it depends where I am going.

I have like 4.5 different levels of Every Day Carry and no that is not a typo 4.5 levels  “The obvious” is my 0.5 of a level due to the fact it says it in it’s title it is obvious that will carry said item.

The Obvious

My first level is what I call “The Obvious” stuff which is the 0.5 of my scale and these are things like my mobile phone, my watch, my wallet, my keys, my glasses, paracord bracelets etc… These type of items are well obviously on me or within arms reach depending where and what I am doing.


Other than the obvious stuff I take, my minimal carry will multi-tool (any multi-tool) and torch. This extra so called load out might be when I walk the dog in morning/evening, or quickly go to shop to get something etc…

Tier 1

The next level or “Tier 1” I start carrying things that other people may recognise as EDC and are not the, well, duh! “Obvious”. I start carry a multi-tool this can be any multi-tool but in my case it is usually one of my Leatherman’s either “Sidekick” or “Free P2” or maybe the “Surge”… but my “Surge” is usually in my tool box. Multi-tools are one of the handiest things to carry, you literally have a small tool kit all folded up in your pocket or in my case on my hip. Lighter may be added to my hip carabiner with my keys. I will definitely have my torch, pen and pocket knife. Torch and booboo kit. Maybe a small tape measure some doggy do do bags etc

This is carried in a smaller pouch and can fit in my side pockets of my trousers or my jacket pocket etc. It is very light weight

Minimal load out… going to town, friends place… general out and about etc

Tier 2

This is when I start carry a pouch that has a few extra bits and bobs and goes into my work bag or back pack etc, and depending where I or we are going it may differ slightly each time. However most of the time it is a grab and go. Depending where I am going ie; work, visit friends, or just out and about. This pouch will have slightly bigger booboo kit, some Paracetamol and the like, string, doggy do do bags, another small pocket knife, a pair of snips or side utters, small crescent, screw driver pen. spare AAA batteries for pen torch. Small pry bar multi-tool Small tape measure, a spare bit of cash (around $25.00 – $30.00) Glass wipes, Multi-tool cards. Even spare beard ties which are small rubber bands, And usually another pen. Small carabiner on the zip, USB-A to USB-C charge cable, Sim Card tool, believe it or not paper clips (the number of ties I have used a paper clip to actually surprises me. From broken zip handle to unblocking glue tips or used to try and hook something.)  Also throw in a couple of safety pins…

My typical Tier 2 work load out

There may be a few other items also thrown in here but that is the basics. This pouch is targeted for work as I am a plastic fabricator, and while I have most tools at work there are times it is easier using what I have.

My EDC pouch on my bench at work

Tier 3

Tier 3 or local travel kit. It also depends where or how far a field we are going and for how long and whether it is by car or bike. So if we are traveling for a couple of days I will now throw in the power bank, watch charger cable or I will change watches to my mechanical wind up watch. The booboo kit is expanded a little more, there may even be an emergency survival blanket etc. There may be a few extra tools and few extra bits and bob’s like a couple of paper clip, duct tape or electrical tape.

My EDC carry pouch.

Paracord bracelets

I wear at least one all the time, (actually four) these are on me 99.99% of the time and while I count it as EDC I don’t put them in the tier system as such as they are just on me usually only come off when showering and back on straight after. This is because each one actually have a meaning click here to find out what that is.