Replacing pile

Take 1 rotten pile. The place we bought a couple of months back had been repiled so all was good… Putting in the raised bed garden, there use to be a stair case there (which we will eventually put back in) however we had to take out a couple of trees, and oh no look what we found… they had missed a pile… opps. No problem is easy to replace.

Put in temporary stay pile I had to knock into place and then nail plate it in. It ain’t going anywhere… if it is then the rest of the house is moving with it and I can’t stop that :-/

Dig out old pile. Just do it get told off later for not waiting for my arm to get better.


Cut. Actually had to cut it from both sides as the saw could only do 3/4. This is where a bigger blade would have helped.

Get round to actually anchoring it… (though it technically doesn’t need it. But this is also a temporary long term fix till I get round to digging out the old pile. Is going to take a bit longer due to I wait till my arm is repaired then have another go at it.)

Concrete in.

Wedged in

Wedge trimmed.

=”” alt=”” width=”450″ height=”338″ /> Nail plate[/caption]

Pile replaced. All it needs is a wedge and some nail plates.

Collateral Damage. But the house ain’t going to fall down.
The temporary pile has now been taken out and the water tank in place.