Paracord Bracelets

As stated I will always be wearing at least one paracord bracelets but in general I am usually wearing three (now four). There is a reason and while part of the reason is you never know when you might need some cord… you get lost and need paracord to tie some branches together to make a shelter, you need to make a splint brace with some branches (or something) for a broken limb or a make shift tourniquet or you can even use the cord to start a fire to stay warm there are any other uses as well.

However while I will use them in a an absolute emergency they actually have a bit of a meaning. I wear one (now two) on my left with my watch of the day and two on the right wrist.


Sister’s bracelet.

The extra meaning to them is the one on my left wrist represents my sister, it will always be in camo colours. The camo colours as armed forces used the camo to camouflage themself from others as my sister did with cancer she camouflaged from others that she had cancer for as long as possible so it represents her loosing her fight with cancer. It will always be with my watch of the day as it represents time, and I didn’t get enough time with her.


This is a difficult one due to the subject matter of suicide. My nephew was very lose with mother, and did struggle when she past, but was still a shock when it happened. However this bracelet is smaller and a different stitch or knot. A simple finger stitch knot and worn next to my sisters bracelet and together they represent mother and son, sister and nephew. This is a recent addition a it happened late in December 2023.


Sister and Nephew now both gone… Just leaving one son (nephew)

Mum and Dad

The two bracelets on my right wrist represent my Mother and Father who past away a few years ago now. There will always be two one each for mum and dad and they will always be together as were mum and dad in life and now in death. However these bracelets may change colour and style and I may put a totally different one on at random, this also represent changes in life and my parents were full of and loved life.

The top bracelet (or the one put on first) will always represent dad as he past away first and the second (closer to actual hand) will always be for mum.

Mum & Dad

So while these have actual meaning it does not mean I will not use them if truly needed or an emergency they will get cut off and unraveled if truly required as I will simply make more. But if I am only needed one piece of paracord, I would unravel the piece wrap around my lighter and only if I truly need more will I then consider one of my bracelets.

Keys and lighter on Carabiner. Lighter wrapped in about a one metre of 4mm paracord.