Toolbox Tidy Upgrade.

So I got sick of my tools being really messy in the toolbox so I bought some Kincrome “Custom Cut Foam” to tidy it up.

All you need is a sharp utility knife one of the smaller 9mm blades would be better and then a marking pen.Simply cut the foam to fit your draw, or tool box, or what ever you have it for to be used in. It could be a hard carry case a cabinet draw or on a wall (if being used on a wall be extra careful to make sure the cut out is smaller to hold item securely and to be fair I wouldn’t recommend that.

Arrange your tools or items on the foam to the position you like and with your marker pen or sharpie mark around the object. Get you knife and out out the foam around your mark. Make sure you don’t go too deep and or deep enough to hold the item.