Vinyl Record Wall Art

Well I have seen these done and decided to give it a go… This was our first go at doing a vinyl record wall art display on the laser and we have appeared to have got the laser settings dialed in first go. We were not expecting that.

We have lots of different pre-designed templates that we can use and sell and we will also start designing more. Also with a small fee we can design a personalised one, as a gift. Maybe for a wedding or birthday, anniversary etc or even if it is to go on your business wall. This all depends on how detailed of a design you are requiring and how much work is involved to get it to work.

These can be used as just wall art as is, or we can put a clock mechanism on it and the make it into a working clock.

As wall art as is they are probably retailing around $75 – $80 each with a the clock mechanism added probably in the region of $110.00 – $120. This particular one was made for a friends Birthday. I was struggling to come up with a birthday gift idea for him… I knew he had a couple of other vinyl records wall art on display I also know he is a Star Wars fan so done deal… He was over the moon…  wait that’s no moon.