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Downloadable Tracks

As of January 2016 I decided to release my music under the Creative Commons License. Legitimately free music for online content is hard to come by. I have been writting music for years and even posted to many music websites. When I started my Woodwork youtube channel I used my own music to avoid any copyright issues. The following year after recieving querries and questions about the music used and where I got it from I decided to release it for the greater community to use.

This is free, and you can use the music as many times as you wish including just listening to it on your iPod. The only thing I ask in return is that you attribute the work to me in the description of your videos, show notes of your podcast or anywhere else that would seem acceptable. Music is a great way to add a little extra spice to your videos, podcasts and other online media content. It can enhance the viewer's journey and experience. It can enrich a mood in the storytelling and give a cinematic style to your videos.

True "Royalty Free" and "Free" (as in free speech) music is getting more difficult to find, so I decided to give back to the community something that I can offer which is true royalty free music. I hope you enjoy the music and find it useful and add some value to your projects. This will not change and will remain free.

I have a unique style of music. Some of the websites I use to host my music on gave me my own genre "HawkNoise..." (I use to call all my older music "Noise."


Total number of downloads 6783

Chaos Theory
Ambient Nights
Bird of Prey
Nighthawk the Hawk
It ain't all bad
Dance out Aloud


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