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Congratulations to Shane Cole
1 Feb 2017
Congratulations to Shane Cole for winning the "Name the unnamable" track contest. "Shane Cole" and "Shanes Hobby Shop" now have the rights to use the track they named "Escape the Underworld" as they see fit. "Shane's Hobby Shop" and Shane Cole has the rights to use this track in any media as he requires. This track is not under creative commons license and is fully copyright protected under international law.

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New Track "Transcendent"

31 Jan 2017
Out of inspiration for music, woodworking and graphic design. So I gave myself a challenge with some music (till I can get some shop time) to write a track using only 5 Synths plus drum kit and using a simple beat at that...

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New Track "Strewth Mate "

22 Jan 2017
While I am a Kiwi and this is an Aussie saying... we do on the occassion use the saying here... but not often.

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New Track "In the Groove"

21 Jan 2017
New Track "n the Groove" released un creative commons license. This has a bit of a funky beat.

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Name the Unnamable Competition

14 Jan 2017
This track is unnamed and it deserves one. Ok competition time. "Name the Unnamable"
The winner will receive the exclusive rights.

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How I create my music in FL Studio
13 Jan 2017
Off the cuff video of how I create my music in FL Studio 12. Youtube video
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New Track "Green with Envy"
10 Oct 2016
New Track "Green with Envy" release. I really enjoyed creating this one and proud of the results.
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New Track "Explain This "
26 Sep 2016
New Track "Explain This" release. Youtube video
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New Track "Treaty of Fire"
17 Sep 2016
New Track "Treaty of Fire" release. Youtube video
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Creative Commons License Music Release

12 Jan 2016
As of January 2016 I decided to release my music under the Creative Commons License. Legitimately free music for online content is hard to come by. I have been writting music for years and even posted to many music websites. When I started my Woodwork youtube channel I used

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