Xaria is the garden whiz I just do as I am told there, or she will ask me can you make... or what about a... but mostly it is her garden to plan and design and have the way she wants it. So far se has done an amazing job.

We are we way off for the final plan, but it is split into sections. down the right side is eventually orchard, with apple trees, lemon, lime fejoa tress and errr something else... top section is vegatable garden. Down the left berries and the like. middle lower before crek is the look and smell pretty garden. Bottom garden will be all native or the native section.

We already have done a lot of this, even though it does not look like it. But the idea is also to keep it looking good and, mainly eatable and easy care.

Xaria may put up a list of plants she is trying to grow later on.

We also have a community garden which on the back hill at the end of our section. Which we have already added to with various plants, shrubs and vegies.

Now from here the place gets the shock treatment. and looks kinda bare but the plants that have be planted will take a bit to

The basic layout is the same just using the space to plant stuff we can eat or use.

Some more images from around the garden.


Vege bed


Pepino plant... Drunk plant

Asparagus bed/bath

Strawberry bed

Not too long before my first alpine strawberries are ready

Self sown strawberry. One of my primary weeds.

salad bed

tree paeony

soft fruit grove

cape gooseberry (another drunk plant)

Down the garden path. My neighbour cut the hedge and I have planted some impatiens down the side




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